StichFix is the perfect solution for Dr. Sarah

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Dirty Water News

Since I have such a hectic schedule these days,  I never have anytime to go clothes shopping.  I order things online, but they come too big or small.  It’s so frustrating!  So recently I started ordering from the monthly clothing company StichFix and absolutely love it.
All I had to do was fill out a quick StichFix survey about specifics of sizing, what type of clothing I am looking for, and even shoe sizes!  Like a first date the first box may not be quite accurate to your style, but by the next box they adjust to what you like.  My first box had a super cute dress and clutch that I kept.  They did send a pair of jeans, a workout shirt, and tank that I didn’t keep.  They definitely were not my style, but you can write your stylist a note, so they know why you didn’t like it.  Don’t worry your not hurting their feelings!
All you have to pay for is a $20 style fee and you only get charged for what you keep!  There also is a discount on what you keep, so it’s a win/win.  I love this service and have chosen to have it delivered every 2-3 weeks.  Here’s a link to try it out and get started  I promise your gonna love it!
Give StichFix a try! Dr. Sarah loves it.