The Best of Both Worlds – J.P. Licks and Castle Island Brewing Co. Mix Two of Your Faves

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Dirty Water News, Food and Drink

Let’s set the stage. It’s a Friday night and you and your significant other or best friend are searching for something to get you off your cozy couch and out of the house. One of you wants to stay in and have a calm, relaxing, and comforting night. The other has a little more ambition and is craving a smooth, crispy beer. 

What’s the move? Stay in or go out?  Well … what if you could have both? Two of the many things that come to mind when the word indulgent is brought up are one, beer, and two, ice cream. Now, thanks to J.P. Licks and Castle Island Brewing Company, you can have the best of both worlds.

On November 3rd from 7-10PM at Castle Island Brewing’s South Boston Taproom, Castle Island Brewing will be kicking off their collaboration with another local favorite J.P. Licks. The kickoff party welcomes the public to try these new concoctions and encourages them to try them both at the same time as Crooked Floats will be offered. This year-long innovation development practice was deemed a magical process by both parties as they were able to build upon each other’s flavor profiles.  

This duo will be launching Crooked Cow Prints and Salted Caramel Infused Infused Coffee ice cream. Crooked Cow Prints is a Salted Caramel Coffee Blonde Stout. Castle Island Brewing wanted to highlight the famous Salted Caramel ice cream flavor of J.P. Licks along with their crafted coffee program that they have mastered. This beer is actually infused using the coffee Hank that is roasted right in the Jamaica Plain headquarters. Because of its creaminess, it keeps the beer at a lighter shade than most regular stouts.

Its aroma gives off coffee, cake batter, and a faint note of pear. When it hits your tongue, you will immediately be greeted by hints of salted caramel. It is the perfect sweet, salty, and creamy treat. 

In addition to Crooked Cow Prints, J.P. Licks will be launching a new ice cream flavor, available to the public on October 28th, that has been coined Salted Caramel Infused Coffee. This new creation features the famous coffee base that has been perfected by J.P. Licks and introduces it to salty caramel notes. Fresh roasted coffee beans are steeped for up to 4 hours before getting added to a sweet blend of caramel and a kick of salt.

Some may not know the full extent of the coffee roasting process that occurs at J.P. Licks. Owner and operator of 17 locations throughout Massachusetts, Vincent Petryk, struggled to find a good cup of coffee after Starbucks had bought out Coffee Connection in 1999. Nothing seemed to satisfy the caffeine cravings of Petryk so he decided to become the best. The J.P. Licks coffee is roasted down the middle. It is not as light as Dunkin, although we love it, and is not as dark as Starbucks. The hearty roast lays in between and is roasted in house at the Jamaica Plain location. 

As mentioned previously, the Salted Caramel Infused Coffee ice cream will be available at all 17 J.P. Licks locations starting Friday, October 28th. Crooked Cow Prints will be available at all Castle Island Brewing locations as well as inside liquor stores all across Massachusetts and Rhode Island from November through December.