Welcome Home Chicken & The Pig!

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Boston - Eat & Drink, Dirty Water News

Despite all of its negatives, the COVID-19 pandemic inspired many to pursue their dreams. One of those people who was especially inspired after it became difficult to serve his guests in a sit down setting was Guy Ciolfi. With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, it was time to take his success to the streets. Ciolfi decided it was time to purchase a food truck to serve up smiles on wheels.

North Shore’s famous, and most popular, Chicken & The Pig food truck made its debut in June of 2021 on the grounds of The Lot on South Main across from another local favorite, Richardson’s Ice Cream. The simple but delicious menu featuring hand breaded chicken cutlet sandwiches, specialty hot dogs, waffle fries and more quickly stole the hearts of the locals.

The overwhelming success and support of the gourmet on the go mindset of the Chicken & The Pig food truck led to its first brick and mortar shop opening at MarketStreet located next to Papersource. Ciolfi is bringing his talents back to his hometown of Lynnfield as he is a long time Pioneer. He is not forgetting his roots as this new restaurant has been a labor of love. This family and friend affair is very apparent as all of Guy’s children have a menu item named after them.

Speaking of the menu, some of the signature chicken sandwiches that one can expect to see on the menu include The Bird Is The Word, Sweet Heat, and The Greek. As for the quarter pond specialty hot dogs, guests can choose from, but are not limited to, The Czar Dog and The German Dog. 

Both the chicken sandwiches and hot dogs are accompanied by a freshly grilled and buttered brioche roll.

You can’t forget about the sides! From Truffle Parmesan Waffle Fries to Bacon on a Stick, your mouth will surely be watering. For those looking for a healthy side option, there are salads available but you might as well just treat yourself this one time, just don’t get hooked!

After the savory comes the sweet! Enjoy soft serve vanilla ice cream with a warm and comforting homemade chocolate chip cookie. A true classic!

To quench your thirst options range from rich milkshakes, soft drinks, seltzers, or an ice cold PBR, Ciolfi’s favorite and recommendation for those of age. 

With the choice of indoor or outdoor seating, reclaimed wood, concrete countertops, and cast iron throughout, this new rustic and minimalistic Chicken & The Pig location is guaranteed to be a hit!

Hours of operationMon. – Thurs.: 11am-8pm, Fri. – Sat.: 11am-9pm, Sun.: 11am-7pm

For more information visit the Chicken & The Pig home page.