American Honey Interview with Sasha Lane

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Celebrity, Dirty Water TV, Featured

Dirty Water Media Reporter Kayla Harrity talks with American Honey rising star Sasha Lane from Liberty Hotel in Boston about her upcoming film.  A virtually unknown actress, Lane was discovered on the beach during Spring Break a year ago when Director Andrea Arnold approached her and asked her to be in her movie.
Lane ultimately went on play a lead role in American Honey as the free-spirited teenager on the brink of adulthood, Star, who leaves her troubled home in the American Midwest and hits the road with a magazine crew. The crew is made up of itinerant laborers who peddle publications door-to-door for long hours during the day and party hard at night, never certain where the job will lead next. Led by hard-driving manager Krystal and her seductive enforcer Jake, the crew becomes a surrogate family to Star, offering hope, love and the freedom that comes from being on the road.