We’ll Fly You to the Moon at Capo Sinatra Sunday’s One Year Anniversary

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Dirty Water TV, Featured, Food and Drink

Capo Restaurant is a rustic neighborhood gathering place that serves fine Italian food and spirits in an energetic and comfortable and classic setting. A slightly secret supper club is located in Capo’s basement that delivers the excitement and sophistication of dinner and a show. On Sunday nights Capo’s Supper Club travels back to a time when swing was in and Frank Sinatra was a legend.
In this episode of Dirty Water TV, hosts Julia Scaparotti and Mikey V. take you inside Sinatra Sundays at Capo. On this special night, Rich DiMare & The Ron Poster Trio celebrate their 1 Year Anniversary with a special night of eating, drinking, crooning and dancing.
We’ll fly you to the moon with a classic night of fine dining and fun in this all new show that includes entertaining content like the New England Patriot’s Cheerleader finals, Dirty Water Media’s new Espresso Martini review, Juke Box Heroes at The Greatest Bar, MIkey V’s Bachelor adventures at Sonsie, and a few other new initiatives that we have up our sleeves.