Explore Great Food, History & Fun at The Foundry on Pompano Beach

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Dirty Water TV, Featured, Food and Drink

The Foundry in Pompano Beach, Florida pays tribute to the rich history of America and the workers who helped build its foundation. 100 years ago, our great country was reborn through ingenuity and hard work. After many hours of research and meticulous planning our owners put together a concept for a restaurant that would showcase the American spirit, not only as décor, but as a depiction of our society before and after the Industrial Revolution.
The Foundry’s menu connects the near to the far, from wood fired pizzas and burgers to fresh seafood. The Foundry is not just for business professionals, date nights or lunch meetings and brunches, it’s an environment for the entire family.
Walk through their doors with Dirty Water Media’s Kendra Middleton and be met with a surreal experience where you visit the past in a unique way. History is not just a piece of décor for The Foundry, it is the backbone of the establishment as everything from the flooring to the lights to the ceiling include pieces from the early 1900’s and represent a time of prosperity.