Piazza Italia Brings an Authentic Taste of Italy to Fort Lauderdale

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Dirty Water TV, Food and Drink

From Calabria, Southern Italy to Fort Lauderdale, Southern Florida!
Piazza Italia, a family owned restaurant, has its roots from the mountains and foothills of Calabria, Southern Italy. This is the land that the owner’s family, who were farmers and shepherds, instilled in them a love and great appreciation for authentic, farm to table Italian food.
The family immigrated to the U.S many years ago but their parents continued the art of growing their own food. Always creating amazing dishes, enjoying family time and sharing with others around a bustling dinner table. They fast became Americans, joining the Military, becoming businessmen, teachers and restaurant owners. But the Italian appreciation and love for fresh amazing food, that their parents instilled in them, continues to grow.
In fact, it grew even deeper roots within them when they settler in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. It is their hope that your time at Piazza Italia on Las Olas Blvd. takes you to that place of the finer things in life, Food, Love and Appreciation. Dirty Water Media’s Kendra Middleton takes you inside this authentic and delicious Italian Piazza.