Portland Parking Entrepreneur Sets Sights on Florida

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Dirty Water TV, Venues

You don’t think about it often, but parking – yes, parking – is a very important part of our world.  Sure, we all hate to drive around looking for parking, but did you ever think about how that driving around harms our environment.  That’s right, research has found that more than 1 million barrels of oil are consumed every day in the search for parking spaces. And more than 44% of drivers find parking stressful and the average driver spends 4 days every year looking for spaces to park. Kinda puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?
So thank goodness for entrepreneurs like Dan McNutt who have dedicated their careers to creating and providing accessible parking with ease.  Dan started his business up in Portland, Maine and has recently spread his parking wings down to Florida where many new residents are now flocking and tourists have been coming to in droves for years.

Dirty Water Media spent some time with Dan McNutt while we were visiting Florida for Super Bowl LV to learn more about his parking empire, the innovation in smart parking that he has brought to his business model, and why he has set his sights on sunny Florida.