Skrewball Comfort Food & Cocktails Show from Yankee Spirits in Norwood

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Boston - Eat & Drink, Dirty Water TV

Dirty Water Media stops in at Yankee Spirits in Norwood, Massachusetts as part of its engaging and delicious Comfort Food & Cocktails Campaign. It’s all thanks to Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey – who partnered with the culinary geniuses over at Kane’s Donuts. Because donuts are the OG comfort food, Skrewball decided the best way to take a donut next level is to drench it in Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey glaze. So they did just that, and then they hit the road to liquor stores across the state to hand out this delicious little balls of heaven.

After all, that’s what winter is all about – hibernating and eating and drinking amazing food and drink. And when it comes to creating delicious drinks at home, there’s not place better to stock up in the Norwood are than Yankee Spirits. Yankee Spirits was founded more than forty years ago … from those humble beginnings, they’ve transformed into New England’s original wine, beer, and spirits superstore with locations in Attleboro, Norwood, Sturbridge, and Swansea serving more than a million customers annually.

With four stores and a giant 4,000 square foot temperature-controlled warehouse, Yankee Spirits is New England’s largest volume wine, beer, and spirits superstore. This enables them to purchase quality products in larger quantities and pass the discount savings on to you – their customers!

In this all new show, Dirty Water Media Hosts Gianna Gravalese and Sam Berger take you inside Yankee Spirits in Norwood as they hand out the decadent Skrewball Donut Holes and explore some of the very best comfort food in the area at Mick Morgans in Sharon and Norwood and Lewis’ Bar and Restaurant in Norwood. They also check out the new Lodge at The Playright in Southie. So Skrew Covid-19, it’s time to Eat Up Boston!