The Barre Energy at The Doing The Most Patio Party

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Boston - Experience, Dirty Water TV

The Energy Barre is a Movement Studio. They’ve gone against the grain to build something that cannot be found anywhere else by creating a space where movement as a physical & spiritual practice coexist.

Julianna Curtis is the founder and owner of The Energy Barre — a three-studio operation North of Boston – with a blossoming virtual studio and now, a state of the art app. Most of the growth, evolution and expansion occurred over the past year and a half during the pandemic and resulting covid 19 shut down.

But even, before the pandemic hit, Julianna found herself at a crossroads wondering … what am I really trying to accomplish in my life, as a mother, a business owner and community leader … ironically enough, the pandemic helped her find the answers she needed to take things to the next level. Dirty Water Media’s Shannon Fairweather caught up with Julianna at her studio to talk more about her business and her passion.