The Gronkowski Pre-Super Bowl Beach Volleyball Tournament

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Celebrity, Dirty Water TV, Featured

Dirty Water Media’s Kendra Middleton catches up with Gordie Gronkowski on St. Pete’s Beach at the end of Gronk Nation’s Pre-Super Bowl Beach Volleyball Tournament presented by Vue at Postcard Inn on the Beach. Gordie preaches the benefits of Florida-living and totally justifies Tom & Gronk’s choice to move to Tampa and stay there indefinitely. Who could blame them!
Also, Gordie predicted that his bro will get at two touchdowns in Super Bowl LV … which, of course, he did. All in all, a very entertaining interview.
So you know – VUE is a functional healthy lifestyle brand, whose portfolio consists of natural plant-based products powered by essential vitamins and minerals, each made with non-GMO ingredients and no added sugar. VUE’s current line includes their signature Vitamin Teas – which Gordie was chugging – along with a selection of Powder Packs and Protein Whoopie Sandwiches.