Donut Review: The Best Package I Ever Received

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Food and Drink

Your package is ready for pickup was the best thing I heard all week. At most colleges, students get an email notification when the mail room receives a package for them. In order for the mail room to organize incoming mail, they request that students wait four hours before picking up their packages. As this package was completely unexpected, four hours was enough time to make me go crazy, thinking about who sent it, what was in it, etc. The email described my package as delicate goods from California, which heightened my curiosity.

When I opened the package to see a bouquet of donuts, I felt like I was walking on a dream (cue Empire of the Sun song). Even if you aren’t a donut connoisseur like me, receiving this package is surely a treat.

My friend ordered the donut bouquet from a delivery-only donut bakery in Los Angeles, CA called Donut Princess. First and foremost, shoutout to my friend Riley Tiffany for knowing me like a book and always finding cool ways to surprise me. Secondly, kudos to Donut Princess and their delivery system for shipping a delicate bouquet of donuts from coast to coast. I had seen these kinds of bouquets in Facebook videos, but never knew they were a reality. 

Here are some highlights of the good and bad of Donut Princess:

  1. Quality and Freshness

I prefer my donuts to be fresh out of the oven, but because Donut Princess was shipping donuts 2,500 miles away, I wasn’t expecting much. To my delight, Donut Princess’ donuts exceeded my expectations. When I took my first bite, it tasted like the donut was indeed fresh out of the oven. The consistency was like your favorite pillow. 5 stars for quality and freshness!

  1. Design and Flavor

My friend selected 6 different donuts to create a bouquet that was both pleasing to the eye and to the taste bud. The specialized donuts included: White Chocolate Fruity Pebble, Espresso, Cookies and Cream, Galaxy, Taro, and Flower Power. So unique and so yummy! The one critique I have is that ganache-glaze on the pink Flower Power donut didn’t have much flavor. I guess ganache is meant to look better than it tastes. 4.5 for design and flavor!

  1. Packaging and Presentation

When I watched Facebook videos of other companies delivering donut bouquets, I thought, That’s going to fall apart. Again, Donut Princess blew my expectations out of the water on packaging and presentation. They managed to package the donuts so precisely, that upon opening it, the bouquet was Instagram-worthy. Not only was the bouquet intact, but it included a cute Donut Princess pin, tissue paper, and a personalized note! The only downside to the presentation was the burlap that surrounded the bouquet. On a positive note, the burlap acted as a good visual to recreate the look of a traditional bouquet. On a negative note, the burlap shed small fibers that looked like hairs in the box and on a small area of the donuts. Hair is never a good donut topping. But a few small fibers didn’t stop me, so 4 stars for presentation!

  1. Service

My friend received superior and personal customer service from Donut Princess. She claimed that they were very cooperative, willing, and determined to get things right! Donuts to your door made easy! I think my friend would give them 5 stars for delivery and service! (Maybe 4.5 because she’s hard to please).

If you’re a donut fanatic like me, I encourage you to consider ordering a bouquet for yourself or give subtle hints to friends and family that it’s on your wish list. Donut Princess also offers donut catering, letter-shaped donuts, and donut walls! You can order these services online or through apps like Postmates and UberEATS.

If you like donuts but aren’t willing to spend money on a bouquet of them, follow Donut Princess on Instagram @donutprincessla and on Facebook at Donut Princess Inc.

If you don’t care about donuts whatsoever, then I feel bad for you. Send me your name and address and I’ll have a donut bouquet sent to your door. Everyone deserves a little donut love.

Photos: @donutprincessla Instagram