Newport’s Best – What to Eat/See/Do!

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Food and Drink

The Lobster Bar – The lobster bar had a unique ambiance to the entire restaurant. Warm energy by the cool ocean made this place a treat to enjoy a dinner. Since the Lobster bar seemed to have a solid variety of food options, we decided to start out with some appetizers.

With a name like “the Lobster Bar” it seemed like a solid play to order the Lobster Guac. Ooooo was this good! Can you imagine the flavors dancing between the lobster and the guac? Complemented by the salty-but-not-too-salty tortilla chips, this opening round of apps tasted like a seafood app fit for Poseidon himself. The food that followed the appetizers did not disappoint — the pictures show it all! If you are in Newport, The Lobster Bar is a MUST see. 

Gurney’s – Newport is an exciting, lively place; families, couples, and locals fill the downtown of Newport and create an electric, happy buzz that is simply contagious. The music, bars, restaurants and people of downtown are a true experience, but sometimes it can feel a bit over-crowded, especially during a hot summer weekend, and you simply just want to find a spot to relax.

Gurney’s Newport is a true getaway, literally on its own private location of Goat Island. From stellar service, food, and cocktails to a breathtaking view and pool area, Gurneys is the definition of vacation on Newport. Just be sure to bring sunblock! The combination of comfortable lounge chairs and a poolside spot can leave you ripe for a sunburn. 

Oyster Bar – Talk about an absolutely beautiful venue! The Oyster Bar is the definition of a “Must Do,” with a gigantic array of indoor seating options, two separate outdoor seatings, including a deck overlooking the eventful Thames Street, bars on each floor, and a raw bar.

This place is one I am already looking forward to experiencing again. The energy within the whole restaurant was on another level. People were happy, bartenders were excited, and waiters were attentive — if you’re looking for a spot to enjoy some next level food, the Oyster Bar is the place to go. 

Smoothie Place – After a night out eating delicious fried calamari, tasty lobster guac, fresh shrimp cocktail and who knows what else at the Lobster Bar you are going to want something a little healthier and light, but still delicious. Now, how could such a thing exist you ask? I was unsure myself, that was until I approached  the adorable, outdoor hut that is Newport Fruit & Smoothie Co. at Bowen’s Wharf. This place has it all, from fruits and veggies, to peanut butter. 

Ben & Jerry’s – Everyone has experienced the delicious, decadent, flavor-packed, ice cream treat that is Ben & Jerry’s, but there is something incredibly special to be said about actually stepping into one of their iconic brick and mortars. A mix of waffle cone and cookie dough, one can smell the delicious scent of a Ben & Jerry’s location from just about a mile away so it is almost impossible to not stop in. The place has a vibe of summer fun with delicious desserts for the cherry on top. With an extensive menu of what seems to be practically every flavor Ben & Jerrys has ever created, it can be tough to pick just one… but I guess there are worse problems one could have!