Door Open for Jones

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Dirty Water Sports, Patriots

The New England Patriots have had a quarterback battle unfolding since they drafted Mac Jones in the first round in April. Throughout this time, Cam Newton has been the starter, both in reps as well as endorsements from Bill Belichick. However, due to his absence that is being termed a “misunderstanding” of Covid protocols, the door has been opened wider for Jones.

Jones has repeatedly shown why the Patriots picked him in the first round. He has led scoring drives in both preseason games and looked strong in practice. The offense has had more of a rhythm with him a times and over the course of training camp he has begun to look more and more comfortable.

With Newton being out this week, Jones has been able to increase his reps and so far the early returns have been favorable. Jones had a strong practice on Tuesday and let multiple scoring drives in 11 on 11 work, and dominated the joint practice on Wednesday. If that continues against the Giants, Jones may close the gap between him and Newton.

If Jones is able to do that, he will put himself in position to start Week 1. By drafting him in the first round, the Patriots stated that they believed he was the future. If he plays well this week, Jones could end up being the present, too.