The Grandstanders Live at Sonny McLean’s in California

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Dirty Water Sports

Check out an action packed show featuring The Grandstanders Live! at Sonny McLean’s in beautiful Santa Monica, California as host Scott Kerman is joined by the Professor Russ Stevens.  Click here to watch now as we talk Patriots, Brady, Scar can’t fix it, Pathetic refs, Why can’t we boo? James White, Sony is soft, Missing Andrews, Trick Plays, Who was worse, the 2019 offense after Game 13 or 2018 defense after Game 13? Pats vs Bengals predictions, and much more.
Talking Celtics, Grandpa Gordon, Big Three, Kemba, Tatum, Brown, Marcus Smart can’t be taking on big guys or he’ll never make it, Kanter, Grant and Romeo need to spend winter in Maine.
Talking Bruins, Losing streak, Pasta best player in NHL, Cam Neely should give Don Sweeney a kidney, Tuukka, Halak.
Talking Sox, Mookie, Seeing Beni running at beach, Chris Sale, David Price, Nava and Porcello haunt me!