Signing Mahomes is right on the money

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Dirty Water Sports, Patriots

The NFL world has kept things interesting despite no team being on a field since February. That continued this week when the Chiefs signed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a 10 year extension, that added to the two years he has remaining on his deal will keep him in Kansas City for the next 12 (Twelve!) seasons.

The real eye popper was the total value of the contract: $503 million. Half a billion dollars! While the year and dollar numbers are large, make no mistake, Mahomes is worth it. He is the best player at the most important position in sports and has a strong chance to hang on to that title for the next decade. In fact, it stands to reason that he may get even better.

The numbers speak for themselves. Mahomes is a Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP. He has thrown 50 touchdowns in a season and has made big play after big play. His postseason stats are also sparkling: in five games, Mahomes has thrown 13 touchdowns, two interceptions, 1474 yards and also rushed for three touchdowns. His most amazing postseason performance may well have been his only loss, a 37-31 AFC Championship loss to New England in which he led the Chiefs to 24 points in the fourth quarter to force overtime against one of the league’s best defenses.

Perhaps the most amazing stat about Mahomes is that he has never lost a game by more than seven points. Whenever the Chiefs play, the have a chance to win and are never out of a game with Mahomes.

While the money itself looks like a massive number, it actually will be manageable for the Chiefs to handle. If the salary cap continues to go up in the 2020s, Mahomes will take up roughly 20% of their cap over the decade ($45 million of a $220 cap is 20%). That will allow the Chiefs to continue to extend core players and be active in free agency. As long as Andy Reid is coaching there, Mahomes will be working with one of the best coaches in the game. Even if Reid retires or leaves before the end of the Mahomes deal, Mahomes will still be able to elevate anyone around him and can work with any coach in the game.

The other major factor in signing a player to a large deal is character and Mahomes has it. He is a great leader on the field and a terrific ambassador for the game. Kansas City can be proud that he is the face of their city and franchise.