Time to End the Cam Newton Experiment

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Dirty Water Sports, Patriots

Cam Newton was signed in June and instantly divided Patriots Nation. Fans were just getting over a rough break up and weren’t quite ready to move on from Tom Brady. Some fans thought that Newton was just a rebound, others thought that he could be the future.

As fans, we were treated to two games of an electric Cam to start the season. We were all able to see what made him an MVP back in 2015. Fast forward twelve weeks and the Patriot Faithful are left with a losing record, questionable QB play, awful decision making, and a signal caller who doesn’t care about his stats, but is focused on wins and losses. The last point is fine, a win is a win, but when you look at the losses and realize that you can put 90% of the blame on your shoulders, there is an issue.

As a starting quarterback, having only having five passing touchdowns by Week 14 is embarrassing. Yes, the Patriots are a run first team with Cam under center and the most undervalued backfield, but a QB has to be able to throw. Preferably, a starting quarterback must be able to throw more touchdowns than interceptions. Newton has 10 interceptions on the year. And you can pin most of those interceptions on bad decision making and horrible mechanics.

Bill Belichick has remained adamant that “Cam’s our quarterback.” It’s hard to question the methods of the GOAT coach, but you have to look at the team and realize that there is a talented young offense being wasted by a washed up QB.

So, yes. Cam is the starter right now. The Patriots got a deal in June. They signed a placeholder QB for under a million dollars. He won’t be re-signed this offseason and Belichick will get a compensatory pick. Expect the Patriots to be aggressive in the draft and free agency. Hell, they might even trade for a name like Wentz or Stafford.

Until that time, dig in. The next three weeks are going to be rough on their way to a top 10 pick and an embarrassing record.