What can Brown do for you?

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Celtics, Dirty Water Sports

The Boston Celtics remain alive the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. According to ESPN sources, the initial offer contained a package made up of Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and a draft pick, presumably a first rounder. Though many Celtics fans seem to be content with the current roster makeup, especially after the franchise’s first finals berth in over a decade, it never hurts to inquire about one of the greatest players of all time in Durant.

At least, that is what many fans of the team (and specifically Brown himself) are hoping after a very cryptic tweet sent out by Brown that simply said ‘SMH’. The timing of the tweet obviously implies that Brown is not happy that his name is being tossed around in trade talks and he has every right to be frustrated if he was being shopped to Brooklyn.

Brown was arguably the Celtics’ best player in their championship series against the Golden State Warriors. Widely regarded as one of the best secondary options in the league to Jayson Tatum, Brown showed that he could potentially be the best player on a championship contending roster by carrying the load offensively during many points of the series.

Brown, still just 25 years old, has gotten better every year since he entered the NBA at age 19 after playing one season at California Berkeley before deciding to go pro. Both his and Tatum’s youth have allowed the team to be competitive in the present while also allowing for a bright future if the two star wings can stay healthy (and together). Brown still has two years left on his contract and many teams and fans alike will anxiously await his free agency decision when the time comes. Many rumors have circulated that he has been unhappy playing second fiddle to Tatum and these newest rumors regarding the Durant package could only damage his relationship with the team further.

Again, Durant is inarguably a top player in the league and any team’s championship odds will be boosted exponentially when he finally finds a new home. Though all that is true, many will still be asking the Celtics’ front office this question: How much better is the team when you replace White, Marcus Smart, Brown, and others with Durant. This is a team that came within two wins of hosting the Larry O’Brien trophy. Is it truly time to completely shake the team’s current buildup and potentially damage the long term potential of this young, yet battle tested team?

Questioning Brad Stevens’ decision making is not fair in any way considering the plethora of brilliant moves he has made since taking over for Danny Ainge. He brought in Derrick White, took a chance on Al Horford, shipped off Dennis Shroder and more. But if Jaylen Brown does end up leaving in two years, many will point to a lack of respect as a reason for his departure. For now fans will only have to wait and see where Durant ends up landing. Celtics fans can only hope that the landing spot is nowhere in the Eastern Conference. Especially not in Boston.