Who’s Got Endgame? The Celtics Who Would Be Avengers

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Celtics, Dirty Water Sports

Celtics fans assemble! With the release of the final chapter of the decade long series, the Avengers, I’m bridging my two loves together. Following is a comparison between the best team wearing Green and the best team to ever wear Spandex.

Kyrie Irving: Iron Man
Kyrie Irving is the absolute star of the Celtics, with the most media attention and marketability of any other athlete. Iron Man is the same way, as he is the only Avenger whose identity is known to the public. Another common trait in between the two stars is that they’re not exactly the most loyal to their team. Kyrie has caused headline after headline with speculation that he’s leaving, and Tony Stark has had his fair share of bickering with his fellow avengers(see: Captain America: Civil war). Kyrie (as much as he hates the though) is a media magnet and nationwide star, which makes him the closest thing the Celtics to the Billionaire Iron Man.

Al Horford: Captain America
Though Kyrie is the best player on the Celtics, Al Horford — yes, he’s Dominican — is the unquestioned leader. The offense and defense is anchored by Horford, and sacrifices his stats for the good of the team. When entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America is that leader. He decides how the Avengers attack and does whatever he can to protect and help the team, his main weapon is even a shield. Another common trait between the two is that they shun the limelight. While other Avengers such as Stark are all over the media, Captain America likes to keep a low profile, and avoids the fame every chance he gets. The same could be said for the 5-time All Star, I mean seriously, when’s the last time there was a headline on Horford? Both men are the in charge of their group, but would rather let their actions speak louder than their words.

Jayson Tatum: Spiderman
While Peter Parker is young, he has shown his abilities and how valuable he can be to the team. His mentorship with Tony Stark allows him to grow into his own superhero, with getting help and wisdom from a proven commodity. Like the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tatum has shown that though he is young, he can play with the best players the NBA has to offer. Like Spiderman, Tatum is thriving in a secondary role but has shown through the playoffs, (and with Spiderman with his own movies) that both men are plenty comfortable being the leading man. Who knows, maybe when Peter is swinging around New York people are yelling “HE’S ONLY 21!!” too.

Gordon Hayward: Thor
When fully healthy, Gordon Hayward is a game changing player who can tip the course of a contending team, the problem is staying healthy for the Butler product. Hayward missed all of last season with a nasty ankle injury and the Celtics missed him dearly. The same could be said for most of Infinity War when they missed the presence of the son of Odin, Thor. When Thor showed up for the final battle however, he almost killed Thanos and ended the movie franchise early. Both men are essential for their team’s success, but when absent, both the Avengers and the Celtics struggle without their studs.

Aron Baynes: Hulk
I mean, there doesn’t even need to be an explanation here. If you just take a look at both of these men, you can see why the comparison is here, as the Aussie is pretty much a mini-me version of the Hulk. This comparison also goes beyond the look of the men as well. Both men use raw power in their game, whether it be Baynes setting a screen and playing hard defense, and the Hulk, you know, smashing stuff. These two don’t rely on skill and finesse, but instead use their brute strength to get the advantage on their opponents. I can pretty much picture Baynes in those purple Jorts right now.

Jaylen Brown: Star-Lord
Jaylen Brown has all the potential in the world, and I do believe that he has the potential to become a big time player in this league, but boy does he make mistakes. On offense he puts his head down too many times and doesn’t look for the pass, creating turnover after turnover. He also misses more layups than he makes going toward the lane, and he should be much better on defense considering his athleticism. Let’s see who makes bad mistakes in Infinity War, I know!! The man who caused half the universe to become extinct. Peter Quill(AKA Star-Lord), attacked Thanos, which ruined the plan to remove the gauntlet and the source of all of Thanos power from his hand. No one remembers that Quill saved the universe on multiple occasions, just like no one remembers how Brown was the best player in last year’s playoffs, not Jayson Tatum. Two men that are known for mistakes, even though it may not be the fairest.

Marcus Smart: Rocket Raccoon
Marcus Smart is a badass, and so is Rocket Raccoon. Marcus Smart is easily my favorite player to watch on the Celtics, as his heart and intensity is matched by no one else in the league. Conversely, Rocket is my favorite character in the MCU. Both men know how the bend the rules for the benefit of the entire team, whether it be getting flagrant fouls and maybe, maybe flopping for Smart, or felony theft and kidnapping for Rocket. Both men incredibly care for their teams as well, and will do anything for them to succeed. Smart is the ultimate Celtic, taking on any role for the team, diving after loose balls and tying up opponents. We can see it in Rocket too, as his fatherly protection towards Groot made it for one of the best subplots of the entire movie. While these two might be the focal point of their teams, they are one of the biggest reasons on why they succeed.