“Historically, Lanyards have been used to connect valuable items to their owners. Pirates utilized Lanyards to keep their swords accessible at a moment’s notice. Mariners used Lanyards to secure items from being lost on rough seas.

In present times, whether worn around the neck or attached to a belt, the Lanyard continues to keep valuables close. It’s a simple principle that has persisted for centuries.

At the Lanyard Bar and Grill in Harwich Port, Massachusetts, they cherish the connection between their community and their local bar and grill. They feel it should be held close and never lost. So they’ve made it their mission to provide their community with Great Food, Great Drink, and a Great Time.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family over an ice cold draught beer or one of Lanyard’s specialty cocktails or sharing a plate of Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower with Lanyard Sauce or diving head first into Lanyard’s overflowing plate of golden fried clams, you are guaranteed to feel welcomed, appreciated and very well fed!”


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