Red Sox

    New Era: Analyzing Franchise-Shifting Changes in Sports

    Revolution or evolution?Both are change, and one often more desirable than the other in life as well as in sports. That’s all well and...

    Verdugo Changing Trade Perception

    When the Red Sox traded franchise cornerstone Mookie Betts to the Dodgers in February 2020, there was understandable angst in Red Sox Nation. Since...

    Here’s Why Pedroia is a Hall of Famer

    In a bittersweet move, the Red Sox announced on Monday that second baseman Dustin Pedroia would be retiring from baseball. Pedroia is a three-time...

    Time for Chaim Bloom to Make a Move

    Dear Chaim Bloom: Please do something, anything.When New Englanders have finally had enough of snow and cold, the one thing that keeps us going...

    The end of the Red Sox relevance

    In 2013, my cousin Ed contacted me about contributing some of my baseball blog posts to a small, free bi-weekly print newspaper two of...

    Short Game: MLB Return gives us beacon of hope

    I have not in the time of lockdown turned into an Apple computer from the 80’s. This year is simply a bad beat. And...

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